Last week some products were banned from being imported from the EU countries, Norway, Australia, USA and Canada into the Russian Federation. However significant changes in freight traffic are not expected. These are the words of the expert of TRANSLOGIX who gave an interview to the portal “Logirus”.

“In view of the ban of fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products from being imported from the EU countries, our customers are planning to organize the supply of similar products from countries of South America, Southeast Asia and South Africa. In this case we can talk about the increase in the number of containers with food going through sea ports as previously the EU goods were transported mainly by road”, – said the expert.

Also the expert says that there will be a demand for refrigerated containers as today the basis of the ban of cargoes is those products which require a special mode of transportation with a special temperature mode.

According to the assessment of the portal’s interlocutor import and export will remain at the same level by the end of 2014.

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