The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the Special economic zone in Petersburg. Within the visit Medvedev also held meeting of Presidium of Council at the President of the Russian Federation on modernization of economy and innovative development of Russia on the issue of innovative development in the sphere of medical equipment and pharmaceutics.
Dmitry Medvedev managed to visit plant of one of residents of SEZ and a new customs post. We remind that the department of registration of the Shusharsky customs post was opened on SEZ “Noydorf” platform in April, 2014. In construction of customs infrastructure more than 180 million rubles from budget funds were included. Input of new department of customs registration will let residents of SEZ  apply a mode of a free customs area. In particular, import to the territory of the Russian Federation of raw materials, the equipment without payment of duties will be allowed.
“With introduction of a customs post in a system we completely finished infrastructure preparation “Noydorf” and fulfilled all obligations to residents of a platform regarding providing necessary infrastructure”, – the head of Special Economic Zones Branch of JSC in St. Petersburg Fareed Verdiyev reported.
The TRANSLOGIX company is proud to report that renders customs and logistic services for the large research and production company – one of residents of SEZ.