On 20th February 2015, a meeting of participants of the working group ‘Improvement of Customs Administration, Export Support’ was held in Smolny. The meeting took place with the participation of the Vice Governor of Saint Petersburg, Head of the Administration of the Governor of Saint Petersburg, A.N. Govorunov. The event was attended by the Director General of TRANSLOGIX, a member of the board of St. Petersburg regional division of ‘Delovaya Rossiya’, A.V. Yamalov. The meeting participants could discuss such matters as: the working group’s activity plans for the year 2015, expansion of the working group’s activity goals, measures aimed at improving St. Petersburg’s ranking by the World Bank’s indices of business conduct conditions by the ‘International Trade’ indicator, problems of construction materials import, customs barriers in the conduct to export transactions by the example of BIG FILTER company, and the toughening of the regime of assessment (examination, inspection) of controlled goods at the RF state border crossing points.