It will be explained to foreign economic activity participants why customs examination is delayed

As from 16th April 2015, customs authorities’ actions in conducting customs examinations as well as their suspension procedures are strictly regulated.

It should be noted that the new document clearly details customs authorities’ actions, procedure and time for the conduct of examination.

In the judgment of TRANSLOGIX Deputy Director General of Customs Clearance Seyfudin Shikhaliev, it is undoubtedly a plus for foreign economic activity participants. “Now, a participant will understand what are the legal reasons for the examination of his merchandise having not been conducted in time, because the list for postponing the examination, I emphasize for objective reasons, is specified in the new order,” the expert summarizes.

It will be recalled that formerly the process of customs examination could be suspended only by an expert’s application filed with the customs authority that appointed the examination. Now, the decision of suspension is to be made only by a head of the customs authority, with the time of suspension being not allowed to exceed 10 working days.

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