kyrgyzstan joins eaeu

On 6th August 2015, a ceremonial procedure of the accession of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter, EAEU) took place. As from signing of the accession treaty, all the EAEU regulations will become effective for the Republic.

They include: abolition of customs clearance and control duty on the EAEU internal borders, application of a uniform tariff schedule to products and the EAEU uniform foreign economic activity nomenclature. Kyrgyz citizens will now also be able to work in the area of the Russian Federation without any work license. Before long, Kyrgyzstan will completely abolish customs control at eight checkpoints on the border of Kazakhstan. According to newest information, between 13th and 14th August, the border was already crossed by about 500 exported and imported goods. It will be recalled that the Presidents of the Russian Federation, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan signed a treaty of the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) on 29th May 2014 in Astana. It came into effect on 1st January 2015. Armenia joined the Union on the next day.