new customs station of bronka

On 10th September 2015, a new customs station within the Baltic Customs structure named Bronka was established. According to the Customs press service, Bronka will start to operate already in November 2015.

The customs station of Bronka is situated at the address: St. Petersburg, Lomonosov Town, Evgeniya Efeta Street, Area 14 (northeast of the crossing with Krasnoflotskoye Motorroad). Customs station code is 10216160.

The convenient location of the port of Bronka will allow the shortening of goods delivery times, reduction in expenditures of the foreign-economic activity participants and withdrawal of a number of customs operations from the city boundaries as well.

TRANSLOGIX is also conducting preparation work and appropriating a working group within the company’s structure that will be in charge of customs clearance of goods arriving at the port of Bronka.