The press group of Brest Customs informed of an experiment started at the beginning of the year on the non-transit movement of goods over the border. The experiment is carried out between the border crossing point ‘Kozlovichi’ MAPP Koroczin (Poland) – Kozlovichi (Belarus) and TLC ‘Brest-Beltamozhservis-2’. A representative of TRANSLOGIX shared his opinion with journalists of ‘Logirus’ portal.

‘In spite of the obvious facts of the reduced time of passing through the border and the queue, some questions arise, namely: the increase of costs due to the unloading at the warehouse and subsequent loading, storing in the warehouse, the increase of costs for the change of a carrier’, – the interlocutor of ‘Logirus’ explained.

It should be noted that at present goods arriving at MAPP ‘Kozlovichi’ are not placed under the customs transit procedure. Almost immediately goods are sent to the temporary storage warehouse, and transport vehicles delivering them drive back. In the opinion of the technology developer, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the use of the technology enables the reduction of the time of the stay of transport vehicles on the border and the increase of the traffic capacity of MAPP Kozlovichi.

But the expert of TRANSLOGIX group of companies disagrees with it. ‘It so happens that the procedures required to open transit are moved to the temporary storage warehouse, the risk of loss and damage to goods in transshipment appears. The conclusion: apart from quickly crossing the border, all the rest is a minus’, – the respondent replied.

The results of the experiment will be announced to public in the near future. The procedure applies only to goods moving to the address of the Republican Unitary Enterprise ‘Beltamozhservis’.

More detailed information can be found on the portal of ‘Logirus’.