In his report, Mr Roman Kozlov, the guild’s director, summarized work undertaken by the guild and jobs completed in 2016-2017:

One of the priority tasks was with “the Battle for the Code”. We succeeded in introducing and advocating many a change. Particularly important specific practical details are associated with a decrease in the funding ratio of customs representative from 1 тillionEuro to500,000 Euro as well as with “the animation” of part of the above amount and the possibility of using it as a warranty when paying customs duties for the client. The discussion centered round one point – “On approval of and support to the Charter of good foreign trade operators”, and especially on joining the Charter, for which all the present members of the HERMES guild have unanimously voted.

Special attention was drawn to the strengthening of business partnership in 2017 with the Social Council attached to the Federal Customs Service.

As is customary, the meeting coincided in time with a conference on “New EAEU customs legislation”.

It will be recalled that the customs representative TL GROUP has been a member of the guild since 2008.