A ‘TRANSLOGIX’ representative shared his thoughts about provision of export deliveries with ‘Logirus’ portal.

Russia’s foreign trade turnover situation has changed considerably. To provide export deliveries with the required number of containers it’s necessary that the import flow is corresponding, too. In the existing situation, the use of empty containers is still unprofitable.

‘There are two reasons for the shortage of containers. It’s a major contraction of imports and related decrease of imported equipment and, at the same time, an increase of exports caused by the fall in the ruble exchange rate and, accordingly, a growth of demand for Russian goods and raw materials’, said Vladimir Ignatov, Director General of ‘TL SHIPPING’, a company within ‘TRANSLOGIX’ group. The interlocutor of ‘Logirus’ clarified that, in the existing situation, equipment (containers) are reserved for export already at the point when an import container is picked up from the port. The ‘TRANSLOGIX’ representative believes that there are no ways to solve this problem to date. Only a sufficient import flow would be able to change the situation. ‘No one will simply import empty container equipment. And it’s unprofitable to use coastal containers because they have higher freight rates’, the interlocutor summarized.

You can read more detailed information on Logirus portal.