Reduction of paper import duties

It became known that the Government’s specialized sub-commission gave their consent to reduce the duties on paper imports into Russia. Nevertheless, the reduction applied to only four positions. It was, though, declared before there would be forty at least. The Ministry of Economy assures the decision is sufficient to support Russian publishing houses and printing plants. In particular, the reduction of duty rates applies to two types of chalk overlay paper, offset plates, and black printing ink. It is also noted that the duty rates will be reduced to almost zero percent for a year and a half to three years. “The proposal was adopted to reduce the duties on paper used in printing mass media publications – dailies and weeklies. Imports under these codes amount to considerable volumes, so it should abate costs for publishers and printers. In addition, a decision was made to reduce the duty rates on printing ink and offset plates, which also should have a positive effect on the cost price,” the Ministry of Economy informs.

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