‘Hermes’ Nonprofit Partnership ‘Guild of Professional Customs and Foreign Economic Activity Service Market Participants’ held a regular meeting of the Transport Committee on 7th February 2015. Members of the Guild interested in improving the work of the Committee could express their wishes how to improve the transport & forwarding solutions. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Director General of TRANSLOGIX, Dmitriy Gimakson.

Anastasiya Chursina, an expert in legal matters, a member of the board of ‘HERMES’ Guild, was invited as a special guest. Members of the Guild could discuss all the matters included in the work schedule by the Committee. In particular, they dealt with the conduct of electronic document circulation, increased service rates of sea lines and terminals. The meeting of the Transport Committee of ‘HERMES’ Guild of Foreign Economic Activity resulted in an elaborated work schedule aimed at improving the situation of professional market participants.

More detailed information can be found on the Guild website.