The customs code of the Euroasian union is to come into force since 2015. Now the text of the code is ready for 60%. Such statement was made by the member of board on customs cooperation of the Euroasian economic commission Vladimir Goshin. He also reported that the text will have been complete by 2014.

We remind that the Euroasian economic commission started functioning in 2012. It is constantly operating regulator of the Customs union and the Common economic space.

Vladimir Goshin noted that the new customs code will have to simplify customs regulation between the countries consisting in ECE. Today the number of issues, demanding separate attention is already allocated. In particular, it concerns electronic declaring.

Also it was noted that all customs systems become shortly automated. For example, at customs declaring the declaration only in electronic form will be applied. Generally, according to Goshin, ECE considers all options of the mechanism for simplification of passing of system of customs.

We will remind also that ECE board consists of 9 members one of which is the Chairman of Board of the Commission. Now as a part of ECE three countries are presented: Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus. Following the statement on the official site of ECE, “The Customs union and the Common economic space are open for participation in it other states which divide the purposes of this association and ready to assume demanded obligations”.