The first will allow to regulate processes of modification of registers of customs representatives, customs carriers, owners of temporary storage warehouses, customs warehouses and duty free shops. We note that these amendments, according to experts , will be able to simplify control procedures from customs authority at submission of person inclusion in the corresponding register or at changes of any data.

Innovations also concern an order of providing the customs representative with reportings.  According to amendments, now it is necessary to provide each half a year in customs authorities the reporting to the 15th date.  Earlier such data should be provided quarterly to the 10th date.

The law number two works on improvement of institute of Authorized Economic Operator. It will allow to balance activity with the operators who are engaged in other types of business. In particular, concerning the imported goods following to AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), possibility of procedure completition of customs transit in its territory is provided. Besides, the list of the data which are subject to the instruction in the statement for inclusion of the organization in the register of AEO is reduced. Now it is increased from 90 to 100 days.

For the operator terms of release of goods will be reduced.  So, if the declaration submitted by AEO, is registered earlier, than in four hours prior to completion of work of customs authority, release of goods on it has to be complete on the same day.  And if later, goods let out within the first four hours of the next working day.

The third law endues the government of the Russian Federation with the right to enter restrictions for import and export of production, goods by individuals. Also norms for goods of private use even if they go by the international post services will be established. Earlier the Ministry of Finance already declared an initiative of decrease in a duty-free threshold of Internet purchases to 150 euros.

It is possible to read about innovations on a site in more detail: TKS