The regular meeting of the HERMES Guild Board took place at the TL GROUP office on July 25.

Among the most important and discussed issues on the agenda was the report of Yuri Kovalev on the meeting of the Expert Advisory Council at the Federal Customs Service of Russia, which was held in the new format on July 14.

The head of the Legal Affairs Committee, Marianna Chugayeva, reported on the progress in reviewing the Federal Law “On Customs Regulation in the Russian Federation” in her speech.

The Guild Director, Roman Kozlov, stressed the importance of the participation of the Guild experts in the meeting of the EEC working group on improving customs legislation scheduled for the end of November. The Board decided to entrust the Legal Affairs Committees and the Customs Representatives with particularly scrupulous canvassing of the list of problematic issues.

One more important issue was brought up by Dmitry Vasilyev, who reported that the third international forum “Russian Logistics Day. Hamburg 2018” will be held from 1 to 2 November courtesy of the St. Petersburg Committee on Foreign Relations. The speaker described the preparation of the agenda, the program of the event, and the list of invitees to participate in the forum in detail.

TL GROUP thanks all those who have come! We look forward to new meetings in our office. (prepared on the basis of the HERMES Guild official website