On 5th October 2015 within the framework of the project “VISITING AMBASSADOR” the partner of TRANSLOGIX, Ambassador Hotel, held a music night named “China’s Star Sopranos. Liu Chang and Her Pupils”. The guests performance was accompanied by the V.V. Andreev State Academic Russian Orchestra.

The audience could enjoy the great singing of Liu Chang’s pupils both in Chinese and in Russian. The highlight of the program was the performance of folk songs “Oy, Tsvetyot Kalina” (“Oh, the Arrowwood is in Blossom”) and “Pryakha” (“The Spinner”). The audience gave the performers a great ovation. The night program also included: tee ceremony, Chinese coffee tasting, stand-up meal from ‘Ni Hao’ Chinese cuisine restaurant.

TRANSLOGIX values its partner relationship with Ambassador Hotel and does it best to make the cooperation as comfortable as possible.