20th Transport Forum “YugTrans 2024”

24 June 2024

On June 20 – 21, 2024, the 20th Transport Forum “YugTrans 2024” took place in Novorossiysk.

Over the past two years, the geography of exports and imports has undergone significant changes. The transformation of the cargo transportation market, the reorientation of supply chains and the emergence of new routes and services, cargo delivery schemes through third countries affect the popularity of the southern direction. However, the task of expanding approaches to ports has not yet been solved.

These issues, as well as the current state and further changes in the development of the freight transportation market in the Azov-Black Sea and Caspian basins, were discussed at the “YugTrans 2024” forum. Forum participants learned about new solutions and ways to adapt to changes and restrictions, heard expert opinions, and also exchanged experience working in the current conditions.

From the company TLGROUP, the general director of the company, Artur Vilyevich Yamalov, and the head of the Novorossiysk office, Alexander Grigorievich Osinovsky, took part in the forum.

During the forum, numerous contacts were established with partners of the Azov-Black Sea region.