Zeroing the export duty on fish products

As from September 1, 2016, Russia zeroes the rates of import duties on certain types of fish products. Reported by Rosrybolovstvo (the Federal Agency for Fishery).

It should be noted that the innovation is connected with the fact that in 2011, Russia joined the World Trade Organization. This provided for a gradual reduction of import duties on fish products.

The press service of Rosrybolovstvo (the Federal Agency for Fishery) notes that the duty on frozen fish and ready-made and canned shellfish has been already gradually decreased since 2012.

The department also explains that in the structure of exports, 87.2% are taken by frozen fish, 7.1% by fish fillets and other fish meats, 4.6% by crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates.

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