Warehouse complex


Warehouse complex

The company TRANSLOGIX moves with the times. Today, the customs and logistics operator offers to its clients warehousing services as the most important link in cargo handling.

For cargo positioning translogix provides the following:
  • different types of warehouse areas;
  • multi-temperature warehouse complex with an adjustable temperature mode, which is especially in demand for fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • railway sidings;
  • favorable conditions of the developed infrastructure;
  • skilled personnel;
  • 24-hour reception and shipment of goods;
  • modern warehouse equipment;
  • good location.

Складской комплекс

The most populat warehousing services:
  • safe storage;
  • cargo handling;
  • repacking using wagon (from one transport vehicle to another);
  • repacking with short-term storage;
  • cargo labelling;
  • palletizing, repacking of goods at the warehouse;
  • consolidation of shipment;
  • preparation and delivery of reports on acceptance/ shipment of goods at the warehouse;
  • delivery of warehousing reports in the required format;
  • measurement of the stored cargo temperature;
  • compliance with storage conditions control.

The company TRANSLOGIX cares about clients and their property. Thus, all goods will be located at ultra-modern warehouses with security system and 24-hour surveillance.

Most often we are entrusted the following:
  • warehousing of chemical products;
  • warehousing of fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • warehousing of equipment.
  • warehousing of perishable goods

Warehousing is the most popular service of the logistics complex.

TRANSLOGIX offers warehouse services in a full range. We have both own warehouses and areas rented put by our trusted partners.

In addition to warehousing services our customers order the following:

For getting an additional information, please, contact the managers of TRANSLOGIX:

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