Recently, the export of sweets and chocolate produced in Russia has increased significantly. Export supplies of sweets in 2018 increased compared with the figures of 2017 by 19% (up to 512 thousand tons). Sales of Russian confectionery in 2018 were at the highest level of $ 1,097 billion since 2014.

The exports of confectionery products from Russia in 2018 turned out to be even better than forecasts – the results of the year were affected by a more successful December than usual.Usually, the peak of business activity in export sales falls on October-November, and in December it drops noticeably.Russian pastry chefs increased sales both to traditional sales markets (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Central Asian countries) and in relatively new directions (China, Mongolia, countries of North Africa and the Middle East).In addition, the cost of Russian sweets during 2018 remained very competitive in foreign markets, due to the relatively weak ruble and relatively low prices for basic confectionery raw materials.

Chocolate and chocolates of Russian production – the main category of all exported sweets. They account for 55% of all export sales of Russian sweets or $ 607 million.In 2018, exports of sweets and other confectionery products increased in real terms by 25.6% compared with 2017, and this is the highest growth rate among all types of confectionery products sold abroad.Moreover, the rate at which the export of confectionery products from Russia grew, led to the fact that now 30% of all Russian chocolate sweets are sold to foreign markets, whereas in the previous few years this figure was about 25%.

The most dynamically developing direction of export sales, as in the previous two years, remains China. The export of chocolate confectionery to this country increased in 2018 by 63% (up to 36.5 thousand tons). China is the second largest market for Russian chocolate. In the first place is Kazakhstan, in which sales are also growing. Supplies to Azerbaijan (No. 4) increased by 42% (up to 14.6 thousand tons). The discovery of last year in the context of the chocolate confectionery trade was the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Five years ago, there was almost no supply of Russian chocolate there, and by the end of 2018, these countries entered the top 10 of its main buyers.

In general, the geography of Russian chocolate supplies has significantly expanded since the beginning of the crisis.Now it is about 70 countries among which are Russia’s closest neighbors, as well as Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia, Canada and the USA, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Panama and many others.Export deliveries of flour and sugary confectionery products also significantly increased in 2018. Exports of all kinds of cookies, waffles, Russian-made muffins last year grew by 14.3% to the amount of $ 367 million. Export of sugar confectionery products has increased by 13%.

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