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Electronic declaration (ED)

It is a package of software and hardware designed to electronically carry out customs clearance of goods and transportation vehicles. The declarant (broker) communicates with the customs officer in the on-line mode using electronic communication channels.

Distant customs clearance.

Technology of e-declaring means execution of customs clearance operations in internal customs authority while layout of the cargo is at warehouses of temporary storage which are located nearby the Russian Federation borderline.

Cargo Tracking system.

This unique development of our company is designed to carry out online monitoring of your cargo in each node of the supply chain. Using your personal secure account in our electronic system, you can get complete on-line information about your cargo from any terminal (laptop, smartphone, iPhone, etc.) at any moment, day and night, so you can make up plans for your further activities. Concurrently, you can monitor our activities.


The system of SMS information about the status of goods in readable format informs the customer of the key moments occurring with the goods: declaration number and/or name of a cargo, date of release or time of removal of the container from the territory of the port, as well as any information relevant to a particular customer. Monitor the status and location of your cargo at any time!

Satellite monitoring.

The satellite monitoring system is designed to control truck vehicles and track locations of the container taken out of the port to the accuracy of one kilometer. (how does it actually work?)


June 1 – 30

15 % discount for customs clearance in Vladivostok for new clients.

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Customs clearance without extra costs

No extra costs while customs clearance!


Seed potatoes: urgent import

Due to annual increase in requests for customs clearance of seed potatoes imported into the Russian Federation through the customs posts of Bryansk region, «TL GROUP» has assigned a work group specializing in clearance of this product.

Industry news


According to the preliminary data of the customs statistics, in the first quarter of 2018 the goods import from the foreign countries has increased by 20,7% in comparison with the same period of last year.

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