Types of goods


Types of goods

Customs broker and logistics operator TRANSLOGIX offers comprehensive services for clearance of goods for all regions of the Russian Federation.

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Customs clearance of goods is one of the main stages of international transportation. TRANSLOGIX strictly adheres to fixed terms, thus, releasing clients from unnecessary financial costs.

The company offers services in the field of clearance for both import and export cargoes.


customs broker can provide customers with:
  • completion of all customs formalities in time;
  • assistance in payment of customs duties and charges;
  • declaring and release of all goods and transport vehicles for free circulation;
  • confirmation of customs value.


Customs broker and logistics operator TRANSLOGIX doesn’t afraid of difficulties.

The company has working experience with various types of goods:
  • food stuff;
  • equipment;
  • household appliances;
  • chemical products;
  • mass consumer goods;
  • etc.
Customs clearance of goods inclides:
  • FEACN codes defining;
  • preparation and receiving of approval documents;
  • payment of customs duties;
  • declaration execution;
  • transportation documents’ execution.


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