Letters of recommendation


The basic principle of the company’s activity aimed at development of the client partnership relations based on mutual cooperation and experience secures its stable position in the field of expertise.


"TRANSLOGIX" LLC has been showing competency, high quality and efficiency in customs clearance and forwarding of goods.


L`Oreal confirms that TRANSLOGIX, LLC has rendered services to our company for customs registration of cosmetic products.


ADIDAS LLC expresses gratitude to TRANSLOGIX LLC for professionalism in customs goods registration.

Hankook tire rus

recommends customs broker representative in the Far East Region and wishes further prosperity.

Groupe SEB-Vostok

has been cooperating with OOO «TL» on transportation and customs clearance of a wide assortment of household appliances and kitchenware of the worldwide renowned brands since January 2017.


customs clearance of a wide assortment of freights: fresh vegetables and fruits (bananas), food products and consumer goods


It is worth emphasizing that the company’s employees do exhibit exquisite proficiency in solving operational issues, they are always attentive to business details and deeply interested in projects.


We express our gratitude to the customs broker TRANSLOGIX for longstanding and effective cooperation in the sphere of customs clearance of our goods.

Nidera Ru

А reliable customs broker having experience of work with such product group.

Zerno Trade

We have good reason to recommend this customs agent as the reliable and honest partner.


TRANSLOGIX is distinguished by high expertise of its workers and operating efficiency.


...and a choice of customs broker experienced in work with similar goods is one of the most important factors for those, who are building up a profitable business in this sphere.

Serbskiy Torgovy Dom

Perishable products require special transportation conditions and fast customs clearance.


...herewith acknowledge that they have been cooperating with "TRANSLOGIX" LLC in the field of customs clearance since 2013 and does recommend the company as a reliable customs representative.

SRE "Laser Systems

Cargoes of the company "SRE "Laser Systems" Ltd. are delivered to Neudorf special economic zone and required to comply with technology standards and regulations for customs transit processing.


.. recommends company as the highly experienced customs broker.

samsung electronics rus kaluga

For more than 7 years we committing our cargos to "TRANSLOGIX" company.

Paritet him

Recommend business unit of "TRANSLOGIX" LLC in Novorossiysk as a responsible partner in the area of logistics and custom processing.


Company is distinguished by high expertise of its workers and operating efficiency.


It was a welcome surprise to our company that "Translogix" LLC offered such high standards of customer service.

Samsung SDS

We hereby confirm that the company is a partner of company "Samsung SDS Global SCL Rus" in the field of customs clearance of household appliances components at Novorossiysk, Baltic and Nakhodka Customs Houses.

Milk staf

...recommends the group of companies TRANSLOGIX as a reliable freight forwarder and responsible customs agent.


...The company has proved itself to be a reliable supplier of transportation services in international traffic.

Leroy merlin vostok

...expresses its gratitude to TRANSLOGIX LLC for cooperation in customs registration in the Russian Far East and wishes the company further prosperity

Rostprom ltd

It is very pleasant and useful to do business with such partners because it has an impact on the economic indexes of commercial transactions in the long run.


LLC “TRANSLOGIX” has been an official customs representative and logistics operator of the company LLC “Hasbro Russia” since 2012. 

"FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus"

TRANSLOGIX LTD has been our good vendor partner for customs clearance and logistics service since very beginning providing reliable.

"TG "Interglass" LLC

The personnel of your company having performed the work under the contract showed a high level of professionalism and ability to solve problems in no time.


TRANSLOGIX is a reliable and executive partner providing services at a high level.

Leningrad region chamber of commerce and industry

High quality services provided by the company TRANSLOGIX are confirmed by the responses of members of the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry being the company's customers.

ООО "RostChemExport" Ltd

We highly appreciate drive for results, customer-oriented approach and professionalism of the company TRANSLOGIX.


AKG Logistics to recommend Translogix as experienced customs broker and flexible logistics provider to all who might be concerned.

Closed Joint Stock Company "Moscow Coffee House"

During the period of cooperation the company TRANSLOGIX has proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner professionally carrying out its contract obligations.


UNICO recommends the company TRANSLOGIX as a reliable partner for the joint implementation of projects of any complexity.

TulaCement LLC

Employees immediately respond to all questions and requests, inform about possible problems and options for their resolution.

Letters of recommendation from partners


A distinctive feature of TRANSLOGIX LLC is a high level of professionalism, self-disciplined employees, accuracy and coherence.


We would like to emphasize timely payment, careful task performance and proficiency of employees.


TRANSLOGIX LLC has shown excellent performance, commitment and efficiency.


During our partnership we could repeatedly assure of reliability, professionalism and responsibility of your personnel.


TRANSLOGIX LLC has been our partner since 2010. During this time the company’s employees have proven themselves as professionals that do not afford project failure and are responsible for their duties.


Our company has cooperated with TRANSLOGIX LLC since 2011. We would like to emphasize timely payment and proficiency of employees. Services provided by TRANSLOGIX LLC are fully complied with the claimed profile.


During our partnership, TRANSLOGIX has proved itself as a reliable partner and forwarding agent. We highly appreciate professionalism of the company TRANSLOGIX.


TRANSLOGIX LLC has been our partner in the field of services in a car to delivery and forwarding of freights some years. During this time the company showed excellent working capacity and devotion.


Company has been our partner the field of container transportations some years. Distinctive feature of the company high professionalism, organization of employees, clearness and coordination of actions.

Letters of gratitude

Letter of Gratitude from Communications Agency “Alfa Media Group”

Letter of thanks from AK BARS Bank PJSC

Diploma for participation in the Twelfth International Exhibition "Customs of the North-West - 2016"

Diploma for participation in the second International Industrial Exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA SERBIA

Diploma of Europe book of records for the assistant to Europe record stunt

Gratitude for the given sponsorship in carrying out tournament on free-style wrestling on prizes A.V. Nagornyi

Gratitude for financial support and assistance in organization of the event.

Letter of gratitude for participation in charity project “Healthy Heart”.

Letter of gratitude for “Business Russia” social initiatives.

Certificate for victory in competition “Quality Guarantee – Compass of Choice”.