Outsourcing of foreign trade activities


Outsourcing of foreign trade activities

TRANSLOGIX offers their clients to use the “Outsourcing of Foreign Trade Activities” service.

Outsourcing is the process of transferring certain functions or business processes for service in another organization specializing in the relevant field. Outsourcing of foreign economic activity is the process of transferring functions of searching for a foreign business partner of procurement, transportation, certification and customs clearance to the customs and logistics company.

Services provided by the fea-agent are relevant when:
  • import/export operations are not regular;
  • specialists of the customer company does not have adequate skills or the time to implement FEA activity.
Our actions as a fea-agent:
  • searching for the manufacturer/seller of goods;
  • quality control of the products shipped;
  • conclusion of the foreign trade contract;
  • agreement of cost and terms of transaction;
  • choice of delivery terms;
  • cargo insurance;
  • certification of goods;
  • payment for goods;
  • transportation of goods in Russia;
  • customs clearance;
  • delivery the goods to the client’s warehouse;
  • shipment of goods under the contract of sale;
  • issuing a complete set of accounting documents.
What does the customer get ordering the outsourcing of fea:
  • reducing time and financial costs;
  • no need to maintain foreign currency account (international contracts, transaction certificates);
  • transparent schemes of acquisition of goods from the Russian importer under the contract of sale;
  • no hidden payments.
  • the most important is that you have time and for development of your own business.

TRANSLOGIX simply replaces purchasing and logistics departments of your company.


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