TRANSLOGIX has an experience in customs clearance of equipment at major crossing points of the Russian Federation.


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The most popular stations are of Baltic, Kingisepp (Ust-Luga), Nakhodka and Vladivostok customs. Customs clearance of express equipment deliveries arrived by air transport occurs in the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

A significant share of goods imported into the Russian Federation is an industrial equipment. Cargo classification is wide: from separate units and machines to process lines and plants.


    The customs officer may require the following documents:
  • installation manual;
  • technical data sheet;
  • general drawings;
  • assembling diagrams;
  • description of the working principle;
  • operation manual.

Exclusive terms of import for domestic producers.


According to the customs tariff there were established the rates of duties on goods moved across the Customs Union border. Generally, industrial equipment is liable to customs duties from 0 to 10 %.

That is why an experienced customs representative asks the owner of goods in advance to provide him detailed technical information required for the correct classification of goods. This releases the importer from cargo downtime and saves a lot of money.


Certification of equipment for the purposes of making customs operations also has its own features. The most part of the equipment is subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity:

  • Technical Regulations on Safety of machinery and equipment;
  • Technical Regulations on Safety of low voltage equipment;
  • Technical Regulation of Customs Union “On Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Devices”.

In order to avoid significant financial costs in case of long-term presence of cargo in customs area it is necessary to become aware of the equipment certification issue in advance for the purposes of making customs operations.

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