TRANSLOGIX has a wide experience in customs clearance of food stuff at major crossing points of the Russian Federation. The most popular stations are of Baltic, Kingisepp (Ust-Luga), Nakhodka and Vladivostok customs. Customs clearance of express food stuff deliveries arrived by air transport occurs in the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.


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  • specifics of assigning the FEACN CU code is associated both with the quantitative composition of the supplied products and type and degree of processing;
  • the need for compliance with prohibitions, restrictions and non-tariff regulation measures (certificates and declarations of conformity to requirements of technical regulations);
  • several types of food products are subject to pass phytosanitary or veterinary control – cargo should followed by export phytosanitary or veterinary certificate;
  • customs clearance of certain food products requires the presence of representatives of The Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service at the customs post. This fact provides the necessity of careful selection of place of crossing the Customs Union border and place of customs clearance (customs office);
  • there is a competence to carry out customs operations for certain products (Ex.: FEACN CU 02 groups), i.e. not all customs stations are competent to register certain groups of goods;
  • for confirmation of the low cost it is necessary to monitor prices for different types of products, be able to handle stock market data including seasonal factor, futures contracts, etc.

Registration on the declared value!


  • depending on the type of goods base for calculation of customs duties is the customs value of goods and (or) their physical characteristics in volume terms (quantity, weight taking into account its primary packaging which is an integral part of the product before it will be consumed and in which the product is submitted for retail sales, volume or other characteristics);
  • depending on the FEACN CU code and name of the product the applied VAT rate is 10 % or 18 %.


The main selection criteria established by the customs representative for registration of the “perishable” product is the time required for completion of customs formalities. The accumulated experience allows the specialists of TRANSLOGIX to register perishable goods “to the day”.

Customs clearance of food stuff is performed with priority in accordance with the requirement established by the Customs Code of the Customs Union.

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It is a package of software and hardware designed to electronically carry out customs clearance of goods and transportation vehicles. The declarant (broker) communicates with the customs officer in the on-line mode using electronic communication channels.

Technology of e-declaring means execution of customs clearance operations in internal customs authority while layout of the cargo is at warehouses of temporary storage which are located nearby the Russian Federation borderline.

This unique development of our company is designed to carry out online monitoring of your cargo in each node of the supply chain. Using your personal secure account in our electronic system, you can get complete on-line information about your cargo from any terminal (laptop, smartphone, iPhone, etc.) at any moment, day and night, so you can make up plans for your further activities. Concurrently, you can monitor our activities.

The system of SMS information about the status of goods in readable format informs the customer of the key moments occurring with the goods: declaration number and/or name of a cargo, date of release or time of removal of the container from the territory of the port, as well as any information relevant to a particular customer. Monitor the status and location of your cargo at any time!

The satellite monitoring system is designed to control truck vehicles and track locations of the container taken out of the port to the accuracy of one kilometer. (how does it actually work?)