TRANSLOGIX provides comprehensive customs services – “customs clearance” – as a customs representative or a customs representative in St. Petersburg (Certificate) in every station of the Baltic customs, Saint-Petersburg, Pulkovo Custom as well as in the Excise customs, customs in Nakhodka, Bryansk, Novorossiysk, in Kazan and Rostov-on-Don.

Our accumulated experience in cooperation with governmental authorities, continuous market monitoring, pre-declaration and electronic declaration enables us to considerably reduce the terms of customs clearance – of course, without prejudice to quality and legal integrity of the work carried out.


  • Customs representative license
  • Confirmation of customs value
  • Work with cargoes of an complexity
  • Customs clearance in any part of the RF
  • Pre-declaration
  • Electronic declaration
  • Approval documents of any complexity
  • Complete customs consulting:
    • assignment of codes by the Commodity Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities,
    • drawing up of a list of required authorization documents,
    • calculation of customs payments,
    • verification of shipping documentation formats
    • assistance in elaboration of foreign economic contracts and etc.
  • Implementation of projects of any complexity, including major projects on customs clearance of imported industrial equipment:
    • assistance in obtaining classification decisions at the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation,
    • Provision of customs and VAT exemption when equipment is imported as a contribution to the authorized capital of an enterprise with foreign investments.

Moreover, we provide all our customers with services on pre-declaration and electronic declaration of cargoes.

Pre-declaration provides a possibility to submit a customs declaration for foreign products before they arrive at the RF customs territory, thus reducing the terms of customs clearance by, at least, one – two days.

Electronic declaration also reduces the terms of customs clearance due to online contacts of the declarant (broker) with a customs officer via electronic communication channels.

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It is a package of software and hardware designed to electronically carry out customs clearance of goods and transportation vehicles. The declarant (broker) communicates with the customs officer in the on-line mode using electronic communication channels.

Technology of e-declaring means execution of customs clearance operations in internal customs authority while layout of the cargo is at warehouses of temporary storage which are located nearby the Russian Federation borderline.

This unique development of our company is designed to carry out online monitoring of your cargo in each node of the supply chain. Using your personal secure account in our electronic system, you can get complete on-line information about your cargo from any terminal (laptop, smartphone, iPhone, etc.) at any moment, day and night, so you can make up plans for your further activities. Concurrently, you can monitor our activities.

The system of SMS information about the status of goods in readable format informs the customer of the key moments occurring with the goods: declaration number and/or name of a cargo, date of release or time of removal of the container from the territory of the port, as well as any information relevant to a particular customer. Monitor the status and location of your cargo at any time!

The satellite monitoring system is designed to control truck vehicles and track locations of the container taken out of the port to the accuracy of one kilometer. (how does it actually work?)