Mozhajskij Luzhetsky Nativity of the Virgin Ferapontov Monastery.

Mozhajskij Luzhetsky Nativity of the Virgin Ferapontov Monastery.
Mozhaisk, Moscow region.
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Customs clearance in Moscow in the service area of Moscow Region Customhouse, Central Excise Customhouse, the Central Energy Customhouse is one of the main lines of activity of customs broker and logistics operator TRANSLOGIX

Customs agent TRANSLOGIX provides all necessary customs clearance services in Moscow.

  • cargo customs clearance at Moscow Region Customhouse (МОТ)
  • cargo customs clearance at Central Excise Customhouse
  • cargo customs clearance at the Central Energy Customhouse
Customs clearance in Moscow comprises
  • goods classification by TN VED TS (Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity)
  • filing an electronic goods declaration
  • customs duty calculation
  • representation of the customer’s interests in customhouse functional departments
  • customs duties, VAT and fees payment on behalf of the customer
  • cargo and vehicle inspection
  • confirmation of preferential treatment of release
  • organization of the conduct of phytosanitary and veterinary inspection
  • confirmation of the customs value
  • customs clearance consulting services
  • customs clearance of inward and outward cargoes

TRANSLOGIX company will reduce customers’ costs by undertaking settlement of issues concerning customs clearance in MOT. The procedure is performed by highly skilled specialist.

Additional logistics services in region of Moscow
Popular routing schemes over Moscow
  • European road consignments
  • Transportation throughout Russia
Customs stations of Moscow Region Customhouse
  • Vyshutinsky customs station
  • Davydovsky customs station
  • Dmitrovsky customs station
  • Volokolamsky customs station
  • Kashirsky customs station
  • Kolomensky customs station
  • Krasnozavodsky customs station
  • Leningradsky customs station
  • Lyubninsky customs station
  • Lvovsky customs station
  • Lytkarinsky customs station
  • Mamontovsky customs station
  • Mozhaysky customs station
  • Dubma Customs station
  • Stupinsky customs station
  • Skhodnensky customs station
  • Kubinka Customs station
  • Chernogolovsky customs station
  • Kievsky customs station
  • Mozhaysky customs station (electronic declaration center)
  • Schelkovsky customs station (electronic declaration center)
Customs stations of Central Excise Customhouse in Moscow region
  • Abakumovsky customs station
  • Alabinsky customs station
  • Borodkinsky customs station
  • Donskoy customs station
  • Scherbinsky customs station
Customs stations of Central Energy Customhouse

The Central Energy Customhouse proposes to clients to carry out a customs clearance of oil products for foreign countries as well as for countries of the Customs Union. Main products undergoing customs clearance here are: petroleum, diesel oil, lubrication oil, peat and gas.

Customs clearance at the Central Energy Customhouse is carried out in accordance with the adopted legislation. Customs clearance of oil products exported from the territory of the Russian Federation by road, by rail and by sea is performed by a broker with a remote declaration system.

Customs stations:

  • Inter-regional energy customs station
  • Southern energy customs station
  • Moscow energy customs station
  • Northern energy customs station
  • Caucasian energy customs station
  • Far East energy customs station
  • Northwestern energy customs station
  • Kaliningrad energy customs station
  • Astrakhan energy customs station
  • Michurinsk customs station
  • Customs station Ryazan refinery
Guarantees for clients
  • customs clearance with no demurrages at terminals
  • confirmation of the customs value
  • 2 certificates of being entered in the customs agents register
Our advantages
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year available to our customers
  • the entire customs & logistic chain through only one operator
  • work with the whole commodity classification
  • third-party services with no commission

Customs clearance cost in Moscow

You can learn the cost of customs clearance by contacting TRANSLOGIX managers:

+7 812 313-56-33