sport support

TRANSLOGIX customs broker and logistic operator renders all-round support to the sport:

  • sports ground construction
  • financing of sports

TRANSLOGIX fully supports the sports movement which is called Workout. In 2013 customs and logistics operator TRANSLOGIX financed the construction of the first sports ground in St. Petersburg. Financing was held as part of the project for support and promotion of healthy life style among young people.

This is a training held on sports grounds located in the open air where you use your own body weight. Thus, young people save funds and expand their social circle by communicating with like-minded people.

For workout it is necessary to have a well-equipped playground with horizontal or parallel bars where everyone will be able to do physical exercises.


Freestyle wrestling is a kind of sport the point of which is the confrontation between two athletes according to certain rules.

In 2014, TRANSLOGIX logistic operator financially supported the conduct of a freestyle wrestling competition for A.V. Nagorny prizes at the Children & Youth Sports School in Lyuban Town, Leningrad Region.

The Public Institution ‘Children & Youth Sports School of Lyuban District’ of Leningrad Region develops its pupils’ talents in the three areas: track and fields athletics, freestyle wrestling, and football. .

About 300 pupils attend the school now. The competition is a necessary event for young athletes where they can demonstrate their attainments, skills, and talents.