The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Russie (CCIFR) was established in Russia in 1997. This is also the date of establishing of the “Club France” Association. In the course of time the organisation was integrated into the Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry overseas (Union des Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie Françaises à l'Etranger/UCCIFE) – the first in the world private network of French companies, which is represented in 78 countries and combines more than 25,000 of enterprises.

In present days CCIFR is funded through dues of its companies – members whose number is over 300. CCIFR is the example of a society of impartial and independent public figures, both French and Russian.

CCIFR has several fieds of concern with business community development and business support among them.

The TRANSLOGIX Group is a fully fledged member of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Russie since 2015.