Customs audit – verification of financial statements and business operations of an organization which activities are related to the movement of goods across the border of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).
Legally, the concept of “Customs audit” is not fixed, however, the participants of foreign economic activity more and more often request the TL GROUP for providing this service, also called a “Self-inspection of a participant of foreign economic activity (FEA)”.


In order to:

  • Identify potential areas of risk to avoid fines and prosecution of offenses.
  • Reduce the cost of foreign trade by optimizing processes and workflow
  • Detect and return overpaid payments
  • Optimize the time for customs clearance by advance preparation of information to respond to requests from customs authorities during new deliveries.
  • Prepare for protection of company interests in the implementation of customs control after the release.


1 – full customs audit for a period of time
2 – limited customs audit


During a full inspection of a participant in a foreign economic activity, all aspects of its activity are considered for a given period of time. Such information gives a complete picture of the foreign economic activity of the company being inspected. The service includes:

  • Legal expertise of documents involved in the company’s foreign economic activity
  • Analysis of the internal processes of the company on foreign economic activity
  • Verification of counterparties involved in the transaction
  • Verification of the validity of the requirements of customs authorities
  • Verification of overpaid customs duties and taxes and assessment of the prospects for their return
  • Analysis of possible grounds for benefits
  • Errors and inconsistencies identification
  • Recommendations

As a result, the company receives recommendations for correction of the existing business processes and documents on future deliveries and, if necessary and in case of the possibility of making changes, on deliveries that have already passed.

Thus, with ordering the service “full customs audit” you receive instructions on minimizing and completely reducing the risks that can lead to additional accrual of fines, customs duties, and, in extreme cases, administrative and even criminal liability.

Thus, a full customs audit implies a full verification of the company’s foreign trade activities.


The objective of a limited audit is to minimize and avoid risks from incorrect foreign economic activity, but within a specific area.
Such areas have been popular:

  • Verification of foreign trade contracts
  • Verification of documentation provided by an external counterparty
  • Audit of the correctness of the application of the HS codes (customs commodity codes)
  • Audit of necessity and sufficiency of non-tariff regulation measures (availability of certificates and licenses)
  • Audit of foreign trade contracts, accompanying documentation audit and also audit of interaction with counterparties are the most often ones to be ordered from us.

As in the case of a full customs audit, as a result of the audit, recommendations are made for the identified risk areas and the mechanisms for their elimination are described. All this within a specific aspect.


The cost of an audit depends on many factors:

  • Audit scope
  • Deadlines
  • Size of the estimated company and existing business processes
  • Number of transactions
  • Number of subjects inspected (customer only or all contractors involved)
  • Stage of cooperation (for existing customers – a flexible system of discounts, since part of the workflow is already known and partially developed by the contractor)


The TL GROUP office managers are looking forward to your requests for a customs audit.

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It is a package of software and hardware designed to electronically carry out customs clearance of goods and transportation vehicles. The declarant (broker) communicates with the customs officer in the on-line mode using electronic communication channels.

Technology of e-declaring means execution of customs clearance operations in internal customs authority while layout of the cargo is at warehouses of temporary storage which are located nearby the Russian Federation borderline.

This unique development of our company is designed to carry out online monitoring of your cargo in each node of the supply chain. Using your personal secure account in our electronic system, you can get complete on-line information about your cargo from any terminal (laptop, smartphone, iPhone, etc.) at any moment, day and night, so you can make up plans for your further activities. Concurrently, you can monitor our activities.

The system of SMS information about the status of goods in readable format informs the customer of the key moments occurring with the goods: declaration number and/or name of a cargo, date of release or time of removal of the container from the territory of the port, as well as any information relevant to a particular customer. Monitor the status and location of your cargo at any time!

The satellite monitoring system is designed to control truck vehicles and track locations of the container taken out of the port to the accuracy of one kilometer. (how does it actually work?)