29 May 2023 г.

The general director of TL GROUP Artur V. Yamalov took part in the forum. The forum paid unprecedented attention to the development of the North-South transport corridor. This topic was a red line through the entire business program. A year earlier, in the North-South direction, the eastern route from Russia, through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to Iran, was launched. In 2023, the cargo turnover on the eastern branch will exceed 1 million tons, and by 2025 it should reach the figure of 5-7 million tons of cargo turnover on the eastern route.

Given this vector of development of international transportation, the TL GPOUP group of companies is systematically expanding its presence in the Caspian region, creating logistics products for its customers.

During the forum, the director of TL Yamalov A.V. held meetings with the leadership of the Astrakhan SEZ “Lotos”, representatives of logistics companies in Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan.

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