Round table of the XV International Economic Forum in Moscow

23 March 2023

Participation in the work of the Round Table within the framework of the XV International economic forum in Moscow

17.03.2023 General Director of TL GROUP Artur V. Yamalov took part in International Economic Forum of the CIS Member States “Dialogue integrations: CIS, EAEU, SCO, BRICS”.

The participation of TL GROUP was within the framework of cooperation with the Business Center of the Economic development of the CIS.

The forum was attended by more than 1000 people, about 130 reports were presented, there were thematic sections and round tables on finance, industry, healthcare, transport and logistics, green economy and other directions. TL GROUP took a direct part in work of the Round table “Logistics in the new conditions: tasks, prospects, possibilities”

The forum was held with the assistance of the International Coordinating Council for trans-Eurasian transportation and with the support of the Executive Committee of the Coordinating Transport Conference of the CIS Member States. Within the framework of the round table Yamalov A.V. a presentation was made: “On the international activities of the Guild Hermes in the CIS, SCO, BRICS.