The Association of European Businesses (AEB) held an annual customs conference: “Customs and business: from cooperation to partnership”.

TL GROUP was the silver sponsor of the conference. Our CEO Arthur Yamalov attended this event. The purpose of the conference was devoted to the latest changes in the customs legislation of the EAEU.

A number of experts shared their knowledge and experience, proposing several issues for discussion, such as:
*  determination and administration of customs value;
*  implementation of the new law on customs regulation;
*  certification and labeling of imported goods, etc.
Tatiana Golendeeva, the Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service, noted that further automation of the interaction of customs with audited persons directly depends on the organization of the counter movement of all participants in the process.
Dmitry Cheltsov, the Chairman of the AEB Customs Transport Committee, moderated the plenary session. He expressed appreciation for a loyal and conflict-free business environment.

Frank Schauff on behalf of AEB expressed his support for the Federal Customs Service initiative aimed at reducing the administrative burden of business and removing trade barriers.

Our company appreciates the organization of the event and emphasizes the importance of joint efforts of the FCS and participants of foreign economic activities aimed at creating favorable conditions for foreign trade and its sustainable development.