Representatives of TL Group visited the TransRussia exhibition held in Moscow.

04 of May 2023 г.

This year, the exhibition was visited by more than 27 thousand people – this is + 45% of the audience in 2022.

More than 430 companies were represented.

According to the stories of the participants, if earlier the main day of the presence of guests was the first day, this year the interest remained until the last day.

The emphasis of the top events at the event is on new logistics in the new multipolar world. That is what the central sessions are devoted to. At the meeting on the container market, something sacramental was sounded: transportation of “boxes” in gondola cars with us for the next 2-3 years. This need arose with a counter deficit in the throughput and carrying capacity of the eastern landfill.

The speakers paid more attention to the transportation of goods along new routes, primarily along the North-South corridor.

Head of Multimodal Transportation Department at TL GROUP Vladimir Smuk with a representative of the Chinese company Trans Hope International CO., LTD