Astrakhan International Forum MTC NORTH-SOUTH

31 October 2023 г.


The Astrakhan International Forum took place on October 25-26.

The forum participants are 240 companies from 17 countries. The director of the Astrakhan branch Denis Surkov attended the forum on behalf of the TL GROUP company.

On the first day, about 400 representatives of logistics companies, exporting factories, export-import firms, government officials, experts, journalists, translators, volunteers and videographers took part in the forum.

Session participants discussed the needs and proposals of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, interaction with banks under sanctions and other topical issues.

On the second day of the forum, participants visited the Astrakhan port, the Zuid West port, the Astrakhan seaport, and the Lotus SEZ.

The forum ended with a discussion about the relevance of the North-South ITC for real business and the need to create a new concept for the development of the ITC and expand it to Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the countries of East Africa, and South Asia.

A special port economic zone has been created in the Astrakhan region. Currently, the construction of modern terminals for transshipment of grain and vegetable oil, as well as a large container terminal, is underway. Its launch in 2024 will increase handling capacity by 3.3 million tons.