Conference “TRANSit: North – South”

27 November 2023

On November 22-23, 2023, the “TRANSit: North – South” conference was held in St. Petersburg, which raised questions about the current state and prospects for the development of the North-South international transport corridor, called the new “Silk Road”.

The conference was attended by transport and logistics companies, foreign trade participants, exporters and importers, infrastructure enterprises, regulators, associations and industry associations.

Topics covered at the event:

– Prospects and current state of the North-South ITC: infrastructure, routes, development zones

– Analyst-battle: the project through the eyes of optimists and skeptics

– Organization of transportation to the countries of the Caspian Basin and South Asia in 2023: what transport workers and logisticians face today

– Project financing: how to attract interest and how to attract a private investor

– Removing barriers and coordinating international cooperation along the route

Among the event speakers from the TL GROUP company was General Director Artur Vilyevich Yamalov. He spoke about the features of transshipment and customs clearance of goods in the ports of Astrakhan and Olya.