The following customs duties are paid during customs clearance of goods:

  • Entrance duty
  • Export duty
  • Customs fees
  • VAT
  • Excises

TRANSLOGIX offers its customers to use the service of customs duty payment through the broker – ‘United Settlement Account – All Customhouses’.

Formerly it was possible to transfer customs payments only within the service area of the customhouse where the arrived goods were cleared.

Such transactions led to:

  • errors committed by financial divisions and bank employees (incorrectly filled in fields of the customs order)
  • lack of mobility, when the route of transportation of goods is required to be changed urgently
  • volatility in the contract currency exchange rate (influencing the change in the amount of payments and times of their incoming)
  • freezing of funds in accounts (customs duty payments ‘with a reserve’
  • extra expenditure (a participant of foreign economic activity runs document circulation by himself)

According to preliminary data, a self-reliant conduct of customs duty payments leads to direct financial losses of a business.

Whereas payment through a customs agent will help reduce risks.

The service has been implemented using the payment system ‘Customs Card’

Your advantages of working with TRANSLOGIX:

  • Conduct of all financial operations. No overpayments for customhouses’ settlement accounts and long return procedures;
  • United settlement account – all customhouses. The company distributes funds among customhouses depending on the place of arrival of the customer’s goods;
  • Customs clearance with no demurrages. Instant additional payment with no need to physically hand over the card to the station, by cash means of the company in case of KTS or conditional release.

In addition to it:

  • Prompt confirmation of payment receipt by the Federal Customs Service
  • Deferral possibility
  • Operational report on received funds
  • No commission
  • Credit limit possibility
  • Error elimination
  • Professional situation forecasting

You can obtain more specific detailed information from our managers:

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