Our projects

28 January 2024

TL GROUP, on behalf of the client, carried out customs clearance in the export mode, at the Energy Customs of the Russian Federation, of a consignment of coal-anthracite cargo, and also organized and performed a full range of forwarding services for its acceptance from railway transport, storage in the port and shipment to sea transport for further shipment to Iran.

On January 23, 2024, a batch of coal was loaded onto the motor ship “ANA”. Loading took place as usual, cargo documents were completed.

TL GROUP, thereby, made another contribution to the development of the North-South ITC and strengthening its authority in this service market.

We remind you that TL GROUP can provide reception, transshipment, customs clearance, repacking, and subsequent delivery of goods to the final recipient’s warehouse in the ports of Astrakhan and Olya.