Changes in the tariffs of the «Platon» system

08 February 2023 г.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 29, 2019 N 843 from February 1, 2021 occurs annual indexation fee in the state system “Platon”. The fee is set based on the actual inflation for the previous year.

The inflation rate for the past year amounted to 11.94%, which resulted in increase in the tariff of the Platon system by 30 kopecks – up to 2.84 rubles per kilometer. In 2022, the cost was 2.54 rubles / km Currently, Plato has over 1.729 million registered vehicles owned by 763,000 carriers.

If indexation is not applied, the Federal Highway Fund in 2023 will not receive 4 billion rubles, which is equivalent to the cost repair of about 200 km of roads. 

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