Search for suppliers and manufacturers of goods from Iran, India, China, Turkey and Europe

22 August 2023 г.

The events of 2022 created a difficult situation for foreign trade participants. Markets with well-established ties have closed, logistic chains that have been built for so long have been interrupted. A number of companies have a question of survival. One of the most important criteria for the success of the company in the foreign market is a proven partner and stable supplies. Therefore, Russian companies began to explore new geographic markets in search of suppliers.

But this is not a matter of one day.

Our company TL GROUP has been on the market for more than 23 years and we are currently developing not only as a logistics operator, but also as a trading partner. From our published news, you can see that we actively participate in public events and develop our contacts.

Currently, we assist our clients in selecting reliable suppliers who are interested in exporting their products to the Russian Federation and deliver the goods to the buyer’s warehouse. We offer only trusted companies. You find a stable partner, avoiding additional costs and risks when looking for a supplier. We will provide you with a proven service for the successful conclusion of a contract and the implementation of an import operation.

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