The Chamber of Commerce and Industry proposed to create a document regulating the list of goods for parallel imports

13 July 2023 г.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation proposed to develop norms governing the operation and change of the list of goods, in relation to which parallel import is allowed.

This was reported to TASS by the chairman of the council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on intellectual property Dmitry Fadeev.

“In practice, there are cases when companies purchase goods that are allowed for import under parallel import, but at the time of their customs clearance it turns out that the goods have already been excluded from the list. For business, this means significant expenses. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop a document regulating the order and principles of the work of the list,” he said.

Fadeev also pointed out that some procedural issues. “So, it is not clear what are the legal consequences of the exclusion goods from the list in the event that the specified goods were introduced into civil turnover by a person who is not the right holder – “parallel importer”, he said, adding that these business-relevant issues should be further explained.