Freight road transportation has risen in price by 38%

20 July 2023 г.

The cost of freight transportation to the most popular destinations has increased by 38% since the beginning of the year, and by 10% over the past three months. This was reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the data of the freight exchange ATI.SU.

The increase in rates is associated with the acceleration of import substitution processes and the restructuring of production chains. In addition, ATI.SU recorded an increase in demand for cargo transportation. In particular, since the beginning of the year it has grown by 61%, in May-June the growth was twofold in annual terms.

The growth in the cost of freight transportation within Russia since the beginning of the year amounted to 15%. The main reason is the lack of category E drivers and equipment. The shortage of personnel provokes an increase in wages, and now it is not easy to find drivers for long-distance highways even for 190,000–200,000 rubles. The share of personnel costs in transportation is about 25-30%.

At the same time, rates for international transportation remained virtually unchanged. Since the beginning of the year, demand for them has grown by 30%, including for export – by 3%. The rate for transportation abroad is reduced. In particular, since the beginning of the year, the cost of transportation from Turkey has decreased by 15-20%, in China – by 30-40%, which is associated with an improvement in the situation with queues at the borders and a drop in sea freight rates. At the same time, rates remained virtually unchanged on the European route, although the volume of traffic there fell sharply, including due to the weak ruble exchange rate, trade restrictions and political instability.