Customs clearance as a tool for “transparent” cooperation.

The transparency of business and its financial transactions in modern Russia is becoming more relevant:

1. Digitalization of means of communication with banks
2. Services for tracking the status of the logistics of parcels / goods / orders from the network
3. Placing tenders for finding partners on open online platforms
4. Conducting meetings and negotiations in an online format via Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc.
5. Using EDS to quickly resolve issues of any complexity, pay duties, VAT, without leaving the workplace, without wasting time

All these elements of the workflow during the execution of a foreign economic transaction (FEA) are based on the principle of open information for the Buyer, namely, direct interaction and mutual settlements

1. Buyer and Seller
2. Buyer and Bank
3. Buyer and Logistic Operator
4. Buyer and Customs

Without a doubt, everyone has their own specifics and structure of business, but if we consider options for reducing costs through direct and independent management of foreign economic activities, it’s time to use direct and “transparent” communication.

If we consider the situation from the point of view of customs clearance, the following advantages can be distinguished:

• presence of a direct agreement with the Supplier – an argument for obtaining preferences and registration of a direct / exclusive dealer agreement with a unique price.

• payment to the Supplier directly from the Buyer’s importer – significant savings on the percentage and timing of bank transfers, minimizing the risks associated with financial control of state transactions. bodies.

• electronic declaration of goods through the Electronic Declaration Centers (ECD) – filing a declaration that is not tied to the place of actual arrival of the goods.

• payment of duties via EDS – saving time and controlling the flow of funds to customs for timely submission and release of CCD remotely to various regional EAC;

• audit of foreign economic activity – as a means of identifying potential areas of risk when moving goods across the border.

The audit is carried out based on the analysis of the customs base. This service helps to avoid fines for foreign economic activity and to optimize the terms of customs clearance. Detection and refund of overpaid payments are also included in the audit.

• Insurance – working with a logistics operator with international insurance TT club (specializing in liability insurance for forwarders and carriers) – confidence in the reimbursement of the agreed value of the cargo in the event of force majeure.

• working with a freight forwarder on terms of re-issuing warehouse costs is a real way to analyze the tariffs of temporary storage warehouses and save on cargo movement, if the forwarder does not take a commission for the services of terminals, ports and other organizations through which your cargo passes.

These advantages significantly save the Buyer’s time and money, but communication with customs and control authorities is a matter for qualified specialists.

TL GROUP has relied on innovation, progressive methods, high technology, European class and punctuality in its work.

Experience with customs and the rules for filing / filling out documents play a significant role in the speed and correctness of filing a declaration.

For example, when carrying out customs control, only the broker knows the nuances and acts in the interests of the client, can promptly react to the requirements set by the customs, structure them and provide the necessary feedback. As a result, the customs office resolves the issues that have arisen with the broker, and not with the Buyer, which significantly saves the Buyer’s time and expenses.

The principle of joint responsibility of the Broker and the Buyer guarantees the correct performance of duties and decision-making in the interests of the Client.

If everything is so simple, why overpay for the services of someone else’s importer and not have actual control over the situation ?!

The TL-Group company follows modern realities and is focused on providing quality service based on the efficiency of work and providing customs with all documents for quick and legal passage of customs formalities.

Our relations with the customs authorities are regulated by the state, so we clearly fulfill our duties, do not engage in shady business and contribute to the development of clients in the transparency of foreign economic activities.