Participation in the negotiations of the Hermes Guild with the Iranian Federation of Transport and Logistics in Tehran

10 February 2023 г.

On January 31, 2023, the delegation of the Hermes Guild in Tehran held negotiations with Iranian Federation of Transport and Logistics.

The Hermes Guild was represented by Evgeny Koshkarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Hermes Guild and Artur Yamalov, Member of the Board Guild “Hermes”.

At the initiative of the Guild, the negotiations involved Azerbaijani side represented by the Association of Customs Brokers Azerbaijan. This association was represented at the meeting by Ramil Safarov, transport and logistics specialist.

During the negotiations, the parties agreed that:

– development of mutual trade meets the economic interests of each of sides.

– progressive development of freight traffic between our countries contributes to the growth of trade.

– productive cooperation is needed to achieve such development not only between associations, but also between members within each associations.

– it is necessary to create a tripartite working group to solve problems, aimed at improving the efficiency of cargo transportation between three countries.

As a result of the meeting, a letter was written to the Head Federal Customs Service of Russia Bulavin V. I., which refers to that the parties have come to a mutual agreement on a number of issues and, given the meeting will be the starting point for intensive and productive economic sense of tripartite communication.

For their part, the Iranian partners promised to involve representatives any state bodies with which they are in the closest contact.