Permission to CARRYING “sanctionED” cargoES

Since July 1, “sanctioned” cargoes can be transported across Russia in transit, provided electronic navigation seals are used. This refers to transportation by road and rail.
Earlier, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation reported that the introduction of the system will increase the volume of transit and increase its transparency.
The Ministry explained that the monitoring of the “sanctioned” cargoes imported into Russia will be carried out with the help of a traffic tracking system. For the first six months, carriers will not be charged for the services of applying, removing and placing seals for control in the system. The Ministry said, that also no fines will be levied.
Let us remember that restrictions on the import into Russia of certain goods from the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and the EU countries were introduced in August 2014 in response to the anti-Russian sanctions imposed in connection with the events in Ukraine. The embargo included fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products from these countries. Later, these measures were extended several times and remain in force until today.
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